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You made food for you and I didn't eat any so you have to pick up... BS!!!! Besides I wasn't the only one to eat it and I can't eat and cook the same day that I worked...


Anyone know how to either install or switch out a filter to a late model '95 boy? I know where the big mouth is and the little brain but have yet to find the filter that filters out the hurtful things that he says with out meaning to (or meaning to only when he is talking to me or Mom)

Also while I am asking:

Anyone know how to take out the blinders on a mid '93 girl model? She has trouble not focusing on just one thing so I thought taking those out would make her a better driver...

Why oh why?

Dog was bugging another dog so I had to chase after him because my sister can't hold on to him so now right before I go to work my knee is killing me! Also have some people pissed off at my dog for PLAYING with their dog... I am sorry but if your dog doesn't like other dogs don't take him to a DOG park!!!!

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Okay so it doesn't matter what type of call center you working, if you work in one you have those people that will call you and threaten one of a few things: you, your boss, the top person in the company, the call center, or (if you are a company with technicians) the tech. This is normal, but the guy I had topped the cake. He threatened them ALL. He told me that he works with the Chinese secret police and he wanted my address, also said that he could shut the garage door on the techs head, and then he went on to tell me how he could get the address to the CEO's and rain $h!t on their heads. All of that was just with me, he said that we where supposed to give him a years worth of free service for the inconvenience, of having to call in and that if our company where to get anything done right that is what is needed to happen. When I explained I am unable to do that for him he asked for a sup. I did warn him that a sup would be unable to give into his demands of a free year of service but transferred him anyway. Poor girl that I got to take that call. We have a resolution specialist bank that we transfer to and I had told a team leader about this call about half way through this call about this guy and had to wait to get a res agent anyway so I told that team lead who had gotten that call and transferred him to her, then went and listened into the call. He then unloaded on her how he was sure someone would eventually come in the call center with an AK47 to shoot us all because our customer service sucked. The three of us listening to the call (me and two team leaders by that time) had to look at one another to make sure we had heard correctly. We unfortunately had because he had gone on and on about it. Finally that second team lead decided to just have the poor res agent transfer to him without warning the customer and just told him that there is no reason to treat his agents like that and that it was a federal offense to threaten anyone over the phone like that, and that all the credit he was owed was $.50 worth and hung up on the cust. That was classic. This guy was a dushbag and didn't deserve to have our services. He said we had terrible customer service but guess what, I had gotten something for him for free that is normally over $70 to get and I am sorry but we where having some major issues on that night so our call volume was through the roof. I don't think I ever want to do over time again, not if I keep getting calls like that.

What Just Pisses Me Off

I have 2 things that just bug me during the winter time, being sick and driving in the snow. Luckily I have gotten over the cold I had a few days ago but the snow is still on the ground. Now I just find it scary to drive with snow and ice on the ground but apparently others do not. I almost got in a number of wrecks just because people decided to cut me off for get up on my tail. If you want to go faster go around me or look at the speed limit as we past by it, I am not going to go faster the closer you get to me.

Leave off of it.

Thanks for reading my daily rant.


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